Youth Programming 

Kid's Camp (Kindergarten - Elementary School)

This will be a day full of games, arts 'n crafts, and play. The children will participate in a variety of fun, engaging activities in a warm and welcoming environment to express their full selves. Children will have a morning and afternoon snack provided.  We look forward to having you there!

Middle School Youth

With the middle school youth, we plan to have fun in an environment where everyone feels welcome and free to be themselves. We promote individuality and community. We care about promoting pride in who we are and creating a space where we can express ourselves and our creativity.

High School & Young Adult

​Gender Conference East is a safe and supportive space for high school youth to learn, meet one another, and have fun. This year, we have combined our high school and young adult programming to enhance participant's experience and access to a variety of engaging workshops and activities. Throughout the day, there will be opportunities to explore what gender means and the multiple aspects of one’s identity, explored through talking groups, creative arts, and engagement with leaders in the field. High schoolers and young adults will have time to ask questions and dialogue with local clinicians, a variety of trans-identified professionals, and peers from across the country. Throughout the day, participants will have the opportunity to choose from 2 simultaneous workshop tracks, with time for socializing, mingling, and having fun within a safe, supportive, and welcoming community.