2016 High School and Young Adult Programming 

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Remapping Our Masks: A Transformative Art Workshop

James Vining, Heather Dailey
The mask is central to the human experience. Masks can express our identities, function as a fantasy object, act as a mirror, convey a part of ourselves that we want to avoid, or serve as an expression of a conflict. We use masks to create a sense of belonging with certain groups, to hide our emotions, and to express our role in a social group. All masks simultaneously represent our inner experiences and how we want to be seen (or hidden) from others. Masks are style, drama, and performance for the world, but are also about our deepest feelings. What if we could present ourselves completely to the world without having to hide anything? What if we could express all of our multiple identities without any fear? Our gender, our race, our religious beliefs, everything that makes up our identities? This art workshop will offer the opportunity for participants to ask these questions and come up with personal and collective answers through art-making and meaningful discussions.

Moving Beyond Traditional (Stereotypical) Masculine and Feminine Roles

Sean Lare
What is masculine? What is feminine? Why “choose?” You may be on a path to figuring out your gender identity, but what about gender expression? What about what we wear and how we act leads those around us to see us as male, female, non-binary or androgynous? Let’s discuss gender roles, stereotypes, and aspects of gender expression in the context of emerging gender identity.

Finding Our Voices through Advocacy and Activism

HMI Youth Advocates
As important as it is to ensure that our advocacy agendas are informed by the youth serviced within our organizations, it’s equally as important to give young people the space and support they need to advocate on behalf of themselves.  Please join us as we listen to youth leaders from the Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) share their experiences about how they leverage their leadership skills and cultivate their advocacy efforts.

Managing the Transition to Work, College and Life after High School: Advice from Those Who Have Been There

Christopher Griffin, Matt Dawkins, Morgan Francis with Panelists TBD
 Moving from one stage in life to another can present lots of opportunities and lots of challenges. This workshop is designed to engage participants in those important conversations.  Participants will also get to hear how other Trans/GNC folks have negotiated life after high school.  This workshop will include a conversation with college student and Trans-activist Matt Dawkins along with a short documentary about his life.

Packing, Binding and Tucking: Safer Techniquest to Empower Our Bodies

Gaines Blasdel
This workshop will focus on supporting trans/GNC youth to feel comfortable and empowered with their bodies.  Facilitators will share safe techniques on packing, binding and tucking.  Youth will learn how to find the clothing items to support achieving these techniques that affirm their identity without compromising their health.

Managing the Stress: Mindfulness Skills Workshop 

Marcus Phillips
Transitioning from childhood to adulthood comes with stress-inducing experiences so this workshop will provide participants with the skills necessary to successfully manage those situations. 

Possibility Model Workshop

Evie Arroyo and Tony Ferriaolo and additional panelist TBD
 This panel discussion is composed of role models for young trans/GNC folks.  We will hear about the lives of the panelists and the experiences that have taken them to where they are today.  Role models are a powerful way to support the development of a future vision for your goals.  Come hear the possibility models that will support how you mold your future.

All in the Family: Siblings to Transgender/GNC Youth Space

Lillian Rivera
 This workshop will focus on creating a safe and supportive space for siblings of trans/GNC youth.  Siblings may also need space and time to understand transition and/or the identity of their trans/GNC sibling.  During this workshop participants will discuss the challenges they navigate as a family member and build the skills needed to navigate these challenges.  Participants will define what allyship means to them and how to integrate that into their life.

I've Been There Too: Are Hormones and Surgery Right for Me?

Kaylee Zheng, Elyse Pine, Ben Davis
This workshop will support youth participants by providing a panel of experts discussing medical interventions.  Panelist will discuss medical options and possibilities along with their own choices for the decisions they have made about surgery and hormones.  Youth will have the opportunity to ask the questions necessary to make informed decisions for their choices about surgery and hormones.

Sex, Dating, Disclosure and Relationships (and Creating Healthy and Safe Boundaries)

Taliyah Robinson
This workshop is designed to engage youth participants in thought provoking activities about healthy relationships.  They will develop a clearer understanding about what their needs are in relationships and how to negotiate difficult conversations with potential partners.