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Conference Welcome

Workshop 1: Choose among several options for learning

Workshop 2: Choose among several options for learning

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Workshop 3: Choose among several options for learning

Workshop 4: Choose among several options for learning

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2017 Family & Youth Day

A day of fun and learning for transgender and gender-expansive youth, their loved ones and families

Check out our 2016 Programming

Download our Saturday programming At-A-Glance.

Friday Evening Family Meet and Greet

​7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Staying Saturday Night?

You are not alone! We are planning a Pizza Party. Stay Tuned!

Please be sure to review our Discussion Guidelines.

For Children & Youth

Specific spaces and activities designed for children and youth

  • Child care will be provided for children ages 3-5 who are reliably out of diapers.
  • For children in kindergarten through elementary school, it'll be a day of fun and games, where they are free to express themselves as themselves, play and meet other kids whose gender expression is out of the box. 
  • For middle school-aged youth, it's a mix of fun, social time, new friends and an opportunity to learn and become more empowered to navigate their own journey. 

  • For youth in high school, there will be space to learn, meet one another, and have fun. This year, we have combined our high school and young adult programming to enhance participant's experience and access to a variety of engaging workshops and activities.

For Adults

Programming for families and supportive adults, including our young adult children will include a mix of workshops on schools, legal rights, medical and mental health care, as well as supportive spaces to meet other families and share.

Saturday Schedule